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Building Confidence

From self-talk to how to fail, learn how the best both build confidence and keep it while tackling challenges. 


Once every 2 weeks, take 10 minutes with your team to watch a video and discuss the takeaways. 

See more on how it works.

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Legendary UCLA softball coach Sue Enquist on the importance of self-talk and learning how to choose which voice you hear in your head.

nicky thumbnail.jpeg

Paralympic gold medalist Nicky Nieves on how getting the reps helps her build her confidence when she's learning something new.


8-Time Olympic medalist Apolo Ohno on learning from failure and how to reapply it to drive you without letting it consume you in unhealthy ways.

nneka cover.png

WNBA star and President of the Players' Association, Nneka Ogwumike on what she's learned about gaining confidence and holding onto it no matter what room she walks into.

Ocasio cover.jpg

Professional softball player Aleshia Ocasio on how she gets herself out of slumps and builds confidence daily through staying disciplined.

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