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How It Works

Here's how you and your team can get better in just 10 minutes.

Click through to learn our 4 easy steps:

Watch. Discuss. Apply. Repeat. 


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1. Watch

Watch one of our short videos with your team, or have them watch on their own.

They'll learn from one of our elite athletes and coaches about one of the skills or lessons that they have found valuable in their sport and/or life.

Coaches and Parents

The best teams don’t just have the most talent, they have winning cultures. They pride themselves on the pursuit of excellence. 


Whether your kids are future pros and Olympians or just trying to win your local rec league, we all want to give our kids the best blueprint for success -- in sports and in life. 

Our video library will bring you free, short-form content that you can use with your kids, with advice from some of the most successful athletes and coaches across multiple sports; nuggets of wisdom on everything from building confidence to being a great teammate to our identity beyond sports. 


We know you have limited time so our lessons are designed for quick bursts-- take 10 minutes to watch a video, have a short discussion and then apply what you learn. Give your kids the skills and knowledge they need to excel in sport and beyond.

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