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If this is your first time using the P/ATH video resources,
HERE are some sample playlists and super-short “how-to” User’s Guides.

If you want to see how other coaches, advisors and students are putting P/ATH into practice, HERE are some great examples. 

If you want P/ATH activities to match your SEL targets or standards, HERE is a resource that maps all of the P/ATH videos to the CASEL Wheel of SEL standards.

If you want to conduct a short, simple survey to measure the impact that using P/ATH has on your students, HERE is our Impact Survey.
If you share the results with P/ATH, you will be eligible to receive data in return to see how your results compare with other schools. (Data sharing will NOT include school names or any other identifying content.)

IF you NEED HELP, have any questions, or would like FREE personalized support in using P/ATH, email

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