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Approaching Success

Learn how the best think about their mindset and the habits they create in sport and in life in order to set themselves up for success. 


Once every 2 weeks, take 10 minutes with your team to watch a video and discuss the takeaways. 

See more on how it works.

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3-Time gold medalist Karch Kiraly on how the best athletes in the world find success by committing to being great learners, on and off the court or field.

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Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward on how to break your big goals down into achievable daily goals that keep you moving forward, even after you've reached the top.

Jess Mendoza cover.jpg

Olympic gold medalist Jess Mendoza on intentionally surrounding yourself with people who are going to help you meet your goals.


8-time Olympic medalist Apolo Ohno on how to create resiliency and prepare yourself to perform in unfamiliar environments.

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Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward on understanding not only what you want, but that you have to give yourself opportunities to achieve those goals.


WNBA player Kelsey Plum on the upsides and downsides of social media, how she sets boundaries for herself and not spreading the hate.

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