Confidence & Mindset

From self-talk to leadership skills to how to fail, learn how the best think about the mindset with which they approach sport and life. 


Legendary UCLA softball coach Sue Enquist on the importance of self-talk and learning how to choose which voice you hear in your head.

8-Time Olympic medalist Apolo Ohno on how putting yourself in uncomfortable situations helped him perform as an athlete and in his life beyond sports. 

Golden State Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr on how the foundation of strong leadership is in collaboration and selflessness.

3-Time gold medalist Karch Kiraly on how the best athletes in the world find success by committing to being great learners, on and off the court or field.

8-Time Olympic medalist Apolo Ohno on learning from failure and how to reapply it to drive you without letting it consume you in unhealthy ways.

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